UPVC Industrial Foot Valve

UPVC Industrial Foot Valve

Media: Water

Material: UPVC

Type: Industrial Grade

Size: DN40-DN200

Color: Grey, or Customized

Product Code: QX-DI05

Standard: DIN/GB

Our UPVC water supply industrial foot valves are available in a variety of colors, with complete specifications and excellent quality. We have multiple injection molding machines in our factory, so mass production is possible. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.


UPVC Industrial Pipe Fittings Manufacturer

There are two types of water supply pipe fittings, one is the conventional type, which has a thinner wall thickness and lighter weight, but the price is more advantageous. One is industrial-grade pipe fittings, which have thicker walls and better quality, which can well meet the needs of chemical scenarios. According to different situations, our factory has a variety of products with different prices and types to choose from, which can well cover the needs of most customers. For example, the UPVC industrial foot valve is an excellent product, we have perfected its specification of it, and we have it in any size. Please tell us your requirements, we can provide a product catalog and the latest price list (Email: sales@nbqxhy.com).

This picture shows the plastic valve and pipe fittings factory of NB-QXHY
UPVC Industrial Foot Valve Information

Product Name Industrial Foot Valve   Color Grey, or Customized
Main Material UPVC Pressure PN10/16
Size DN40-DN200 Packing Standard Export Packaging or as Your Request
Main Market South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa Use Water Supply
Connection Socket Origin Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Customized Support OEM, ODM Port    Ningbo/Shanghai
Technics Injection Lead Time  25-35 Days
Certificate ISO Sample Available

UPVC Industrial Pipe Fittings Specification

This picture shows the specification of UPVC industrial pipe fittings


UPVC Industrial Pipe Fittings Package

Generally speaking, our small-sized pipe fittings are packed in inner bags, and large-sized pipe fittings are directly packed in outer packaging. At the same time, the outer box is packed in imported three-layer corrugated cardboard boxes, which can effectively avoid damage or collision during product handling and transportation.

If you would like custom packaging, printed logo and graphics for your UPVC industrial foot valve, please contact our experts! (Email: sales@nbqxhy.com)


UPVC Industrial Pipe Fittings Market

Our PN10/PN16 UPVC industrial pipe fittings are mainly used in South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and other regions. South America mainly needs dark gray UPVC pipe fittings, Southeast Asia mainly needs blue UPVC pipe fittings with small size and light weight, the Middle East mainly needs PN16 pipe fittings, and Africa and Europe mainly need UPVC flexible pipe fittings.

UPVC Industrial Pipe Fittings Advantage

PN10/PN16 UPVC industrial pipe fittings can be mainly used in water supply pipeline systems under different working pressures, with the advantages of convenient connection, stable use and environmental protection.


Our Other UPVC Foot Valve Show

As a UPVC foot valve manufacturer, we do not only produce a single type of foot valve. On the contrary, we have many types of plastic foot valves. Some customers need PVC foot valves which are rare in the market. For this type of customer, we have launched a comprehensive procurement service. The purpose is to help the customer get satisfactory PVC foot valves.

This picture shows the different types of our UPVC foot valve


Our Certifications

This picture shows the certifications of NB-QXHY

Our Service

1. Our pipe fitting molds are complete, which can meet the needs of customers for pipe fittings of different sizes. At the same time, we can provide samples according to customer requirements, and open the mold to produce pipe fittings of special size or special color.

2. We can carry out laser marking on pipe fittings or marking on molds for customers to help customers expand their brand influence.

3. We give priority to the production of orders for customers, and have a stable delivery time.

4. We have professional product engineers who can solve any product problems you encounter during sales or use at any time.

5. We can produce pipes to be used and sold together with our fittings.

6. Our products are certified by ISO: 9001, SGS, BV, CE and other professional testing organizations.

7. We support free samples to directly check the quality of our products.


PS: If you want to get the price list or product catalog, please contact us!

Email: sales@nbqxhy.com
WhatsApp/WeChat: +86-18867873336


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