PVC foot valve

PVC Foot Valve Manufacturer:PVC foot valve is a type of check valve, its function is to prevent water backflow. The PVC foot valve is widely used in water pumps and other mechanical equipment that handles slurry. It is installed at the bottom of the pump suction line to prevent the mud from returning. The PVC foot valve is not convenient for inspection and disassembly, so it is very important to choose a PVC foot valve with good sealing performance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and high quality.

PVC Foot Valve (Socket & Thread)

UPVC Industrial Foot Valve

Flange Type Foot Valve

PVC Foot Valve Manufacturer

As a professional China plastic foot valve manufacturer and supplier, we have more than ten years of experience in the design, development, and production of PVC foot valves. On the one hand, we have a variety of PVC foot valve types for customers to choose from; on the other hand, we also provide customized services for customers, such as color box packaging, laser marking, color customization, etc. In addition, our PVC foot valves are available in a wide variety of sizes, from 1/2" to 8". If you want a detailed PVC foot valve catalog or price list, please contact us (Email: sales@nbqxhy.com).

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Introduction of PVC Foot Valve

Our plastic foot valve use 100% new UPVC material, and 100% test by water. Besides, we can customize the material, color, and packaging. There are two kinds of EPDM and NBR rubber ring types to choose.  Also, customers can choose the style with or without spring.


Product name PVC Foot Valve    Color Many Colors Available for Choice
Main Material UPVC   Main Market Southeast Asia, The Middle East, Africa, South America
Size 1/2''-8''   Use Agriculture Irrigation/Water Supply
End Connection Socket/Thread/Flange   Port    Ningbo/Shanghai
Customized support OEM, ODM   Lead Time  25-35 Days
Standard CNS/JIS/DIN/BS/ANSI/NPT/BSPT   Sample Available


Structure of PVC Foot Valve

Here we show the internal structure and materials of our PVC foot valve. These are our regular standards. If you have your own opinions or want to customize, please tell our experts.


 This picture shows the product design drawing of PVC foot valve
NO. Part Material  QTY
1 Body U-PVC 1
2 Spring SS201 2
3 O-ring NBR, EPDM 1
5 Seal gasket NBR, EPDM 1
6 Mesh enclosure UPVC 1


Size and Standard of PVC Foot Valve

DN15 (1/2") 20 21.5 22.11 21.6 14 14
DN20 (3/4") 25 26.9 26.13 26.9 14 14
DN25 (1") 32 33.7 32.16 33.8 11.5 11
DN32( 1 1/4") 40 42.2 38.19 42.4 11.5 11
DN40(1 1/2") 50 48.4 48.21 48.5 11.5 11
DN50 (2") 63 60.5 60.25 60.7 11.5 11
DN65( 21/2") 75 75.3 76.6 73.4 8 11
DN80 (3") 90 89 89.6 89.4 8 11
DN100 (4") 110 114.5 114.7 114.8 8 11
DN125(5”) 140 140 140 141.3    
DN150( 6”) 160 165 165 168.3    
DN200 (8” ) 225 216 216 219.08    

Dimension of PVC Foot Valve

Dimension List
DN(mm) L S n-Φ D2 D1 DN(mm) Working Pressure(Mpa)
15(1/2") 140 17 4-Φ14 105 65 20 0.6
20(3/4") 168 17 4-Φ14 105 75 25 0.6
25(1") 189 17 4-Φ14 115 85 32 0.6
32(1-1/4") 210 17 4-Φ14 135 100 40 0.6
40(1-1/2") 238 20 4-Φ18 146 110 50 0.6
50(2") 301 22 4-Φ18 160 125 63 0.6
65(2-1/2") 371 22 4-Φ18 181 145 75 0.6
80(3") 504 27 4-Φ18 197 160 90 0.6
100(4") 504 27 8-Φ18 216 180 110 0.6
125(5") 550 31 8-Φ18 245 210 140 0.5
150(6") 550 31 8-Φ18 282 240 160 0.4
200(8") 550 34 8-Φ23 337 295 225 0.4
250(10") 550 37 12-Φ23 393 350 280 0.4
300(12") 550 40 12-Φ23 445 400 315 0.4

PVC Foot Valve Packaging

This picture shows the PVC foot valve packaging
Our packaging service is very flexible. You can choose a carton, polybag, color box, or customized according to your needs. Our packaging is of very good quality, and we will take pictures for your confirmation before shipping. So you don’t have to worry about the PVC foot valve you received being damaged.

Our PVC Foot Valve Show

As a PVC foot valve manufacturer, we do not only produce a single type of foot valve. On the contrary, we have many types of plastic foot valves. Some customers need PVC foot valve that are rare in the market. For this type of customer, we have launched a comprehensive procurement service. The purpose is to help the customer get satisfactory PVC foot valves.

This picture shows all of our PVC foot valves

Our Certifications

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Why Choose Us

1. Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

We are the manufacturer and have our own factory.


2. What's your price? 
According to the different products, materials, sizes, and even MOQ, our prices are different. Anyway, our price is very competitive. Please contact me if you want to get the latest price list. 


3. Do you accept OEM?
Yes, we accept OEM. We will engrave trademarks, laser print trademarks, and provide color box packaging, color box design, packaging design, pallet service, and product material formulas according to customer needs. The product material formula can also be replaced according to different usage requirements.


4. Do you provide a sample?
We provide samples. 


5. Do you have a MOQ? 
Yes, 10 boxes each size, or adjust according to the overall order quantity. If you have other questions, don’t worry, please email us, we can provide you with the best solution. 


6. Can you provide related documents?
Yes, we can provide certificate files if you need them. Of course, you also can download our documents. 


7. How long is your lead time?
The range of our lead time is 25-35days. It depends on your requirement.


8. How about the shipping fees?
We supply express delivery, Air transport, sea shipment to the port, door to door service. We will professionally compare sea freight for the customers to choose. For large quantities of orders, sea freight is the best choice. Please tell me the products and quantity you need, so that we can provide you with the most affordable shipping plan.


9. What payment terms do you accept?
L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal are available.


10. Do you have a customized service?
Yes, I will customize products according to customer needs.
We have a lot of customized project cases, please contact me to learn more details. 


PS: If you want to know about our other PVC foot valves, please contact us!

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