Drip irrigation fittings

Drip irrigation fittings, typically crafted from PP and POM, come in a variety of shapes. They serve as essential components for connecting drip irrigation tape, drip irrigation pipes, and micro spray tape. With commendable UV resistance and anti-aging qualities, these fittings find extensive application in outdoor settings.

Drip Irrigation Fittings for LDPE Pipe

Drip Irrigation Fittings Supplier

We are a professional supplier of irrigation products, offering a wide range of items, such as water timers, sprinkler series, greenhouse accessories, water guns, PVC layflat hoses and quick couplings, irrigation drippers, filter systems, drip irrigation valves and fittings, drip tapes, tubing, and much more. With over 15 years of experience in this field, we have gained extensive production expertise.
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Drip Irrigation Fittings Information

Product Name Drip Irrigation Fittings   Packing Bags, Carton or Customized 
Color Can be Customized Origin Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Main Material POM, PP Port    Ningbo/Shanghai
Use  Irrigation  Lead Time  7-30 Days
Customized Support OEM, ODM Sample Available


Drip Irrigation Fittings Packaging

Packaging of our products holds significant importance to us. In general, our approach involves placing drip irrigation fittings within plastic bags, which are subsequently packed into standard cartons. Naturally, should you have specific packaging preferences, we are open to discussing custom packaging solutions with you.

Drip Irrigation Fittings Packaging


Drip Irrigation Valves and Fitting Applications

The drip irrigation valve and fittings are an essential component of any irrigation system and finds effective use in various fields, including orchards, forest gardens, greenhouses, and agricultural irrigation.

Drip Irrigation Valves and Fitting Applications


Our Certificates

Our Certificates

1. Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
We are the manufacturer and have our own factory.

2. What's your price? 
According to the different products, materials, sizes, and even MOQ, our prices are different. Anyway, our price is very competitive. Please contact me if you want to get the latest price list. 

3. What product does your company produce?
we mainly manufacture kinds of plastic valve and plastic pipe, plastic fittings. We also developing group irrigation products to support sales. In addition, we will open new mold and customized service according to customers' market needs.

4. Do you accept OEM?
Yes, we accept OEM. We will engrave trademarks, laser print trademarks, and provide color box packaging, color box design, packaging design, pallet service, and product material formulas according to customer needs. The product material formula can also be replaced according to different usage requirements.

5. Can you provide related documents?
Yes, we can provide certificate files if you need them.

6. How long is your lead time?
The range of our lead time is 25-35 days. It depends on your requirement.

7. Do you have a customized service?
Yes, I will customize products according to customer needs.

8. Can I be your distributor?
Yes, we are very glad to cooperate with customers all over the world.

9. Where is your company's address?
Our company is located in the Ningbo Zhejiang Province, China.

10. How can I contact you?
You can send us an email at any time to ask any questions, we will reply to you in the shortest possible time.

Email: sales@nbqxhy.com
WhatsApp/WeChat: +86-18867873336